Manthar Transport Company Launches Air Conditioned Buses

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Manthar Transport Company launches air-conditioned buses including the latest Yutong, King Long, and Zhongtong buses.

Manthar launches Air-conditioned Buses first time in Pakistan


Manthar Transport Co. is a well-known company in Pakistan, providing travel solutions to the nation. Manthar Group started its operations in 1984 to facilitate the country in local transportation. Manthar provides a significant role in commuting a large number of travellers from one city to another city. Manthar Group which is one of the oldest transport company started Air-conditioned service afterwards on various cities, mainly Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Sargodha and expanding to other parts of the country as well. Company’s aim is to provide the best possible solution with the lowest fares and luxury buses.



Manthar Non-AC Bus Service:


A decade ago, we had the best local non-AC network, which was well known at the time and people considered it as the main mean of transportation. Anyone who wants to travel in the country at that time, only one name was clicked in the mind which was “Manthar”. Manthar was then, a bus service for a common person, keeping in mind of every class. The fares are economical as anyone could afford the service. The company sustained a standard for best possible road transportation in the country. It serves the country with its non-AC buses and then AC Hino buses for various routes and cities.


Manthar Group Added AC Buses in the fleet:


As the trend changed and other bus companies were introduced with AC luxury buses. Manthar Group took a bold initiative to reform the existing bus fleet with the new luxury and comfortable buses. Manthar Group introduced new buses in the past and gradually introducing more Air-conditioned buses throughout the country. Which will ensure high standards of services and comfortable journey.

Company has been committed to providing luxury services with affordable fares to customers from many years. For further improvements, we have also improved our Transit system due to the evolving time and emerging technology. We are expanding our services to other regions and cities to ensure the safest and luxury travelling. We added Daewoo buses to the fleet almost a decade ago and now we have all famous bus brands like YUTONG, HIGER and KING LONG latest model buses.


New Cities and Routes with AC Buses:


In the past, Manthar Group was operational all over the country where routes have non-AC buses for fewer income persons. Manthar Transport Company has now added more cities to their luxury bus service with advanced Buses. Now almost every route has luxury bus service with the latest buses.

Main Routes with Luxury bus service are:


Sadiqabad ~ Lahore

Sadiqabad ~ Rawalpindi

Sadiqabad ~ Karachi

Sadiqabad ~ Jehlum

Sadiqabad ~ Sialkot

Khanpur ~ Quetta

Khanpur ~ Karachi

Khanpur ~ Jehlum

Karachi ~ Lahore

Karachi ~ RahimYarkhan

Bahawalpur ~ Quetta

Bahawalpur ~ Narowal

Bahawalnagar ~ Sargodha

Khanpur ~ Sialkot

Liaqatpur ~ Faisalabad

 Liaqatpur ~ Quetta

Khanpur ~ Gujranwala


Daewoo Air-conditioned Buses:


Manthar Group added Daewoo Buses in the fleet in 2009. Daewoo is listed from one of the best Air-conditioned luxury buses a decade ago. It was considered as the luxurious bus in the market before Yutong introduced their buses in Pakistani Market.


Yutong Luxury Buses:


Company acquired Yutong buses in the year 2017 when Yutong bus was introduced in the market and companies were shifting to it. Manthar Group now owns more than 50 Yutong buses in the fleet.


KingLong buses join Manthar Group:


In 2020 Manthar Group added 10 King Long buses to their fleet and started its operation on routes like Sadiqabad to Faisalabad, Sialkot and Lahore. More buses are on the way to add in the fleet.

Manthar has been a company which holds the best bus company in Pakistan as every Pakistani has travelled or know about the company. Company has been putting every effort to facilitate its clients with the best bus services at the lowest price.



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Manthar Transport Company Launches Air Conditioned Buses

Manthar Transport Company launches air-conditioned buses including the latest Yutong, King Long, and Zhongtong buses.